10 Active NBA Players With Most Playoff Wins

Klay Thompson (Photo via FanSided)

7. klay thompson – 86 playoff wins

An outstanding shooter and an underrated defender, Klay Thompson has proven that he is a superstar for the Golden State Warriors. From his famous Game 6 performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 to sinking two free throws in the NBA Finals in 2019 after tearing his ACL, Klay has had many iconic moments in the playoffs.

A remarkable shooter and an icon down at The Bay, the Warriors already look forward to fielding in a healthy Klay Thompson next season.

6. draymond green – 86 playoff wins

A former Defensive Player of the Year, Draymond has always been a critical part of the Warriors’ championship success throughout the years. An outstanding player on both sides of the court, together with Curry, Steph, and Coach Steve Kerr, they have set a formula that may have raised the bar of competition for fellow NBA teams to win the chip.

Draymond may not be in anyone’s favorite lists, but he has made it a case for him to put his name on the NBA’s records book.

5. udonis haslem – 87 playoff wins

Pat Riley is a pillar in terms of loyalty. He is regarded as “The Godfather of Miami” ever since he won the first NBA championship of the city in 2006.

There is one more name though. Miami Heat captain Udonis Haslem has been the epitome of loyalty for the organization Since signing with the Heat in 2003, Haslem has contributed to their three NBA championships.

A loyal ally for his team and a power hitter inside the court, Haslem has bagged multiple playoff wins throughout his career in South Beach.

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