Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Though COD Modern Warfare 2 is not as complicated as most action-adventure games like Valorant, it can be overwhelming when you face aggressive enemy combatants. Apart from beating the timer, completing matches and objectives in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer can grant you access to killstreaks, weapons, perks, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer is a mode where players compete against one another. Since it’s more like a deathmatch game, there are a few tips and tricks you can adopt for your team to win. If you’re playing MW2 multiplayer mode for the first time, we advise you to visit Battlelog for tools to enjoy smooth gameplay.

Meanwhile, let’s look at the tips and tricks for MW2 multiplayer mode.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

  1. Invest in a quality headset

Having a quality headset goes a long way in improving your performance on all COD games. The audio of your headset is more precise and stagger-free.

You can hear gunshots and footsteps in the game. Before an enemy reaches your sight, you would’ve already heard them and learned their position. By picking sounds with your headset, you’ll be less distracted when moving and aiming in the game

  1. Find the most appropriate sensitivity.

Your sensitivity can determine your performance in MW2 multiplayer mode. An extremely low sensitivity will put you at risk, while a very high sensitivity will ruin your accuracy and shot. To avoid these, it’s best to try out different sensitivity levels till you find the most suitable for your game.

Adjust your sensitivity slider to somewhere not too far from High and not too close to Low. Try playing some games. If uncomfortable with it, adjust it until you find what you need. You don’t want to struggle with your aim when an enemy is already locked on you. 

  1. Pick the best weapons.

Call of Duty’s MW2 boasts 51 powerful weapons and customization options to let players redesign what they need for a battle. For this reason, it can be tricky to pick the best weapon. If you’re about to enter the Multiplayer mode of MW2, one of the best weapons to carry is the M4 AR. 

Apart from its recoil control, this assault rifle is very easy to use and works perfectly in all modes and maps. You can upgrade it and add some attachments to boost its performance, speed, and accuracy. 

  1. Choose Perks based on your playstyle.

Choosing perks wisely can be the difference between excellent gameplay and a wacky experience. Unlike in other COD titles, perks in Modern Warfare 2 come in four different packs. So, you can choose only four perks when customizing a pack.

Since you’ll have just two active “base” perks when you start the game, it’s important to consider your playstyle when customizing your perk pack. For instance, if you play aggressively, running and gunning enemies, pick Overkill and Double Time as the “base” perks. Also, pick Bird’s-Eye and Fast Hands for the ultimate and bonus perks. These will facilitate more wins in your games.

  1. Choose streaks you can afford

Modern Warfare 2 provides its players with two types of streaks: kill-based and score-based. This means you can earn a streak by killing a predefined number of enemies or reaching a specific score. So, when choosing your streaks, select the one you can earn easily. 

The UAV is the most affordable killstreak, which needs only four kills to earn. With a UAV, you can reveal enemy locations and share coordinates with your team. 

Some other affordable streaks include Counter UAV, Advanced UAV, and Overwatch Halo. These will give you great advantages over the enemy team.

  1. Pre-aim as you move around the game

Due to the dangerously fast TTK (time-to-kill), you could get eliminated from a battle with just some bullets. To avoid this, never bring down your rifle, especially if you’re moving through the building, turning corners, and peeking out windows. 

Any enemy already pre-aimed for shots can take you out within a few seconds if you do. So, no matter what you do in this MW2 multiplayer mode, don’t stop pre-aiming as you move. It could be the difference between your life and death.


Staying alive and completing MW2 multiplayer mode has never been easy without ideal tips, tricks, and hacks. Invest in a quality headset to make the most of your Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer experience. It’ll help you leverage sound to outsmart enemy players.

Furthermore, find the most appropriate sensitivity for your play style. You don’t want a slow response or a too-fast experience when aiming. More importantly, consider your playstyle when choosing the weapons, perk packs, and streaks. These tips can enhance your gameplay and help you win more multiplayer games.

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