Are the Golden State Warriors Going to Dominate Again?

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The Golden State Warriors have had a couple of hard seasons. After losing Kevin Durant, it looked like the all-conquering trio of Steph Curry, Durant, and Klay Thompson would fade away with the Warriors’ title hopes. This was compounded by injuries to both Curry and Thompson at different points. It meant that the dominating team of the 2010s was falling by the wayside. However, things are starting to look a little bit different for the Warriors, so we have taken a closer look at what is going on. Can the Warriors be that team again?

Curry is back

In some ways, Steph Curry is a strange player. Although he is obviously appreciated as an elite-level player, in terms of players who are acclaimed, he often takes a back seat. LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kawhi Leonard are just three players who seem to have been given more plaudits than Curry at different times. This has even been reflected in the odds at sports betting sites in MI – Curry is very rarely the favorite to grab that MVP trophy. It’s extremely unfair, especially for a player who really does have incredible abilities.

He’s been showing it again this season. It has been known for a while just how good Curry is when it comes to hitting three-pointers. However, other aspects of his game seem to have been getting the recognition that they deserve this season. His playmaking ability has proved that he can bring other people into the game in a big way. He’s not a selfish player like some others are.

In fact, Curry’s influence is never more likely to be felt than in a game Curry is expected to miss against the Nuggets. If the Warriors manage to grab a win out of this game, especially after hitting a four-game losing streak, then people might once again try to diminish Curry’s ability. However, with a lot of the big-name players missing from this game, it’s expected that the Warriors will take the hit and save their energy for when the playoffs begin.

Other players returning

It’s not just Steph Curry’s return to form that is helping the Warriors perform again. There are other players who have come back from injury who are having a big impact on the Warriors, both in terms of performances on the court and morale in the locker room. Klay Thompson is the main player who has added to this.

Thompson was a big part of the Warriors’ dominance. However, it would be fair to say that he was overlooked quite often when compared to Durant and Curry. The fact remains, though, that Thompson brought a lot to that team. His presence allowed Durant and Curry to shine. His return to the Warriors will help to bring out the best in Curry once again. As he returns to full fitness, it’s expected that he will play a major role.

He has returned at just the right time, as the Warriors haven’t been the strongest team in the Western this season – that accolade goes to the Suns. With players returning as the playoffs are about to get up and running, they are dark horses to win the Finals. It isn’t just Thompson, either – there are other players who will make a big difference to the Warriors’ roster.

Draymond Green is a big name. He might not be Kevin Durant, but Green definitely offers a lot to this Warriors team. The Durant, Curry, and Thompson trio was a good one, but there are predictions that the Green, Curry, and Thompson trio will be even better. For starters, Curry is arguably a better player now than he was then. Next up, there’s less selfish play with these three players. They work better together as a team, and as such, team performance is great, even if individual performances aren’t quite as strong. This is highly important when it comes to building a title-winning side.

Can the Warriors dominate again?

The simple answer to this question is that it’s hard to tell right now. All injured players will have to be firing on all cylinders. If they can all come back at the same level they were before getting injured, then yes, the Warriors have enough talent to be able to dominate. However, the rest of the league is a different proposition right now. The Phoenix Suns are looking almost unstoppable and Giannis has taken his game to a whole new level. LeBron has also shown that he still has some gas left in the tank. However, if Curry can get the best out of his teammates, then there is every chance of the Warriors becoming that team once again.

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