NBA Players with Most Career Playoff Games Without a Championship

John Stockton dribbling the ball (Photo via Inlander)

2. John Stockton – 182 games

He is arguably the greatest point guard of all time based on statistics. Stockton leads in two major categories all-time: Assists (15,806) and Steals (3,265). Both records seem not to be broken anytime soon.

Stockton is an all-decade point guard. He played all of his 19 years in the NBA with the Utah Jazz, making the postseason in all of those years.

He might not be a flashy player like the others but don’t let that distract you from the fact that he is one of the greats that had never won a championship in their professional careers. Top 1 or top 5, you cannot deny that he has validated his contribution to the game of basketball together with the player who ranks number one on this list.

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