Top 10 College Prospects Who Should Be On Every Team’s Radar

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Our Prediction For The First 10 Picks Of The 2022 NBA Draft

If you are a college basketball player looking to score yourself a spot in the 2022 NBA Draft, then there is no better way than having a good March Madness campaign. 

This is the perfect time for these players to show off their temperament, skills, and playmaking abilities. Winning March Madness with your team is a good way to catch the eye of every NBA coach. You can find the best March Madness odds here. 

Today, we are going to take a look at players who we think are worth picking, even before March Madness has properly gotten underway. 

#10 – Bennedict Mathurin

University of Arizona, Arizona Wildcats

Shooting Guard 

Mathurin is an all-around star athlete – he played ice hockey (he’s Canadian), football, and basketball throughout high school. 

We are currently not 100% sure if Mathurin will be entering the draft in 2022, otherwise, he would be higher on this list. He is still only in his first year of college – but, boy, does he play like someone with a lot more experience. 

This year, Mathurin was named into the First All Pac-12 Team and was also named as the Pac-12 Player of the Year. 

#9 – Johnny Davis 

University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Badgers

Shooting Guard 

Davis is another player who has yet to announce if he will be entering the draft this year – but unless he gets injured, we think he’ll be there. 

Davis is one of the best shooting guards in this class and there are a few teams out there that could use a little bit of his magic. 

ESPN currently has him tipped as the first-round choice for the New York Knicks. He was, after all, named Big 10 Player of the Year. 

#8 – TyTy Washington Jr.

University of Kentucky, Kentucky Wildcats

Point Guard 

Washington had an incredible season. In many ways, we think he has been unfairly passed over for titles and trophies. He deserves them. In one game, he made 17 assists and scored 17 points, breaking a state record. He has a college career-high of 28 points in a single game. 

Kentucky was shocked to be made the 3rd Seed in March Madness, but they look intent on causing an upset with the help of Washington. 

#7 – Keegan Murray

University of Iowa, Iowa Hawkeyes

Small Forward & Power Forward 

Murray doesn’t just dominate the court with his giant frame, but also with smart playmaking and his explosive playing style. 

Keegan and his brother Kris have both had an incredible season. It would be a shame to split them up – but Keegan has spent the entire season smashing Iowa records and looks to be on his way to the 2022 NBA Draft. 

#6 – Shaedon Sharpe

University of Kentucky, Kentucky Wildcats

Shooting Guard 

TyTy Washington Jr’s teammate has also had an impeccable season that will surely land him an early pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. The Wildcats may look like a very different team next year if the pair leave. 

We have Sharpe at #6 on this list, but some outlets have him listed as high as the 4th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Three months ago, Sharpe wouldn’t have been on many people’s first-round list – this change is a testament to his incredible season and the hard work he has put in. 

#5 – AJ Griffin 

Duke University,  Duke Blue Devils 

Small Forward 

At 18, AJ Griffin is the youngest player on this list. CBS has named him the Freshman of the Week multiple times this season, and apart from a small issue with food poisoning, Griffin has been putting in a fantastic March Madness performance too. 

Griffin might even climb up a little high on this list if he keeps playing this well. 

#4 – Jaden Ivey

Purdue University, Purdue Boilermakers

Shooting Guard 

Ivey is unlucky not to make it into the Top 3 of this list, and he probably would have done it in most other years. 

Ivey comes from a sporting family – his mother was a college basketball coach and both his father and grandfather were NFL players. Ivey has also won a Gold Medal for the Under 19’s Team USA. 

Despite having a slow start to the season due to a foot injury, Ivey has caught the attention of all the top coaches. 

#3 – Paolo Banchero 

Duke University, Duke Blue Devils 

Power Forward 

Duke is another team that might get ransacked by the draft this year. Banchero was named ACC Rookie of the Year, and it was well deserved, but not quite enough to get him to the top of this list (sorry, Paolo). 

The highlight of Banchero’s season was an 8-rebound and 28-point game against The Citadel. 

Most sportsbooks have Banchero to be picked 3rd overall in the 2022 NBA Draft. 

#2 – Jabari Smith

University of Auburn, Auburn Tigers 

Power Forward 

Smith comes from an NBA family – his father played in the NBA for four seasons, and his cousin, who was the number one pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, played 13 seasons in the NBA. 

However, if there is any pressure to shine like other members of his family, Smith doesn’t seem affected by it. Smith was arguably the best player in the SEC this season. 

#1 – Chet Holmgren 

Gonzaga University, Gonzaga Bulldogs


Chet Holmgren is the name on everyone’s lips right now and for good reason. Many former NBA players have come out this week and said some interesting things about the kid. 

Perhaps the most interesting comment we have seen about Holmgren is that he is unlike any other college basketball prospect that has gone before him. And that he is so talented that he has more than the potential to become one of the all-time greats in the sport. 

We have a funny feeling that he might be the first overall pick in the upcoming draft. 


Today, we have talked about 10 amazing college players. They have all had great seasons. However, we have a feeling that a few diamonds in the rough will be discovered during March Madness. 

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