Ranking Our Best FIFA World Cup Finals

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Since 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been coming around every four years. The format has changed since the first FIFA World Cup, but the passion has only improved. More people are looking to be part of the tradition as they make World Cup predictions every time it comes around. 

This year, we’re going to Qatar, which will undoubtedly be one of the best in history. We can only experience it once every four years. Therefore, it is not too much to ask to dedicate 28 days to complete soccer action from start to finish. The popularity has undoubtedly increased, and more people are enjoying the competition. 

We’ve had many finals since Uruguay won the first one in 1930. With more technological innovations today and a more technical game, the FIFA World Cup would certainly be incredible, and we would enjoy the exciting growth from the competition. It should be an incredible feat to see these teams play at the highest level. 

As Qatar 2022 is ongoing and we are en route to the final in Doha, let’s check out some incredible FIFA World Cup finals. We’ve ranked some of our best World Cup finals to show which ones we think were the most enjoyable. Below are our top seven best FIFA World Cup finals. 

France 1998

In France 1998, it was a competition with many top dogs, but the Brazilian team was the standout team because they were the defending champions and had some of the best talents in the world.

They didn’t disappoint as they got to the final, but the game against France was one to remember as Zidane ran rings and dictated the game against some of the best players in the world. In the end, France won, and it was an epic showdown. 

Korea/Japan 2002

Despite failing to win the 1998 World Cup, Brazil arrived at the 2002 FIFA World Cup as the favorites ahead of France. And this time, they didn’t fail. They went all the way, beating every team they faced. This time, Delima Ronaldo was the star of the show, and he scored two to make sure Brazil took home the championship for the fifth time.  

Mexico 1986

A few years before we had Delima and Zidane, there was Diego Armando Maradonna. He led Argentina to their second FIFA World Cup title, which was in Mexico this time. Argentina faced West Germany, who lost their last final to Italy. 

This time, they wanted to win the competition. However, Maradona’s brilliance was too much for the Germans, who lost another FIFA World Cup final. 

USA 1994

Brazil is a FIFA World Cup protege and has won many titles. In 1994, they were one of the best teams worldwide. They had an incredible squad in 1994, and in the end, they were champions. The 1994 World Cup final was an epic tie between Brazil and Italy, ending in a goalless draw. The winner was decided through a penalty shootout. 

Germany 2006

In 2006, we expected Brazil to continue its dominance from 2002. However, France was the best side this time, although they couldn’t win the competition as a brilliant Italian team ousted them. 

The final was an epic match that saw the end of the best players playing the game. The match ended 1-1, and we needed a penalty shootout to get a winner. An unfortunate kick from Trezeguet saw Italy win their fourth FIFA World Cup title. 

England 1966

The sport’s popularity can be traced back to England, but it wasn’t until 1966 before the Three Lions became world champions. The squad was impressive as we saw England go all the way to win the most outstanding trophy of all time. 

The final against West Germany was epic and a battle to the end, but Geoff Hurst was the hero of the day as he scored a hat trick to help his nation win the competition. 

Brazil 2014

Another World Cup, another time to sing the praises of the Brazilian team. This team is in the modern era. The game is flashy, and the technique is higher. Even though Brazil was the host, Argentina and Germany were at the center of the action for another FIFA World Cup. 

And one man was the focus. Lionel Messi was the best player in the competition, but unfortunately, he couldn’t help his team win the title. The match’s only goal came from Mario Gotze in extra time, and it was heartbreaking for the Argentines and Lionel Messi fans.

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