The Best Managers in the History of the Chicago White Sox Baseball Club

If you are a true fan of the beautiful game of baseball, it is not important if you are getting the New York Yankees tickets every weekend or watching any other team, you simply need to respect the White Sox and the history of this great club. If you also want to learn about this wonderful club, here is a bit of White Sox history. The Chicago White Sox is a professional baseball team that plays in the American League Central Division. The White Sox were founded in 1894 and have been playing in Chicago since 1900. The team has won three World Series championships, six American League pennants, and one Central Division title. 

The White Sox have a long and storied history, dating back to the early days of professional baseball. The team has seen many great players come and go, including such legends as Shoeless Joe Jackson, Eddie Collins, Luke Appling, Minnie Miñoso, Frank Thomas, and Carlton Fisk.

Today, the White Sox is one of the most popular teams in baseball, with a large and loyal fanbase. The team is currently rebuilding its roster with young talent and is hoping to return to prominence in the near future. Today, we are going to discuss some of the greatest managers this club has ever had.

Jimmy Dykes

Jimmy Dykes was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 27, 1894. He played baseball and football at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, he became a professional baseball player and coach.

Dykes played for the Philadelphia Athletics from 1918 to 1929. He was a member of the World Series winning team in 1929. He then became a coach for the Chicago White Sox from 1935 to 1946. He led the team to three American League pennants and one World Series title in 1935.

Dykes was known for his fiery temper and aggressive style of play. He was ejected from games on several occasions. He once got into a fistfight with Detroit Tigers manager Mickey Cochrane.

Dykes retired from coaching in 1946 but remained with the White Sox as a scout and farm system director until his death in 1977. He was definitely a legend of the club.

Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen is a former professional baseball player who was also a coach of the Chicago White Sox. He played for the White Sox from 1985 to 1997. He became the White Sox coach in 2004 and was a member of their 2005 World Series-winning team.

Guillen is known for his outgoing personality and his sometimes controversial comments. He has been involved in several on-field incidents, including a fight with a teammate and an altercation with an umpire. He was definitely a feisty manager.

Despite his controversies, Guillen is considered one of the best managers in baseball, and he was named American League Manager of the Year in 2005. He has also been inducted into the Chicago White Sox Hall of Fame.

Al Lopez

Al Lopez was born in Tampa, Florida, on August 20, 1908. He played baseball for the University of Tampa and was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1928. He played minor league baseball for a few years before being called up to the majors in 1930. 

Lopez played catcher for the Dodgers for four seasons. In 1934, he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates. He played for the Pirates for two seasons before being traded back to the Dodgers in 1936. He played his final season with the Dodgers in 1937. 

After his playing career ended, Lopez became a coach. He coached minor league baseball teams from 1938 to 1942. In 1943, he became the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ farm team in Montreal. 

In 1957, Lopez became the manager of the Chicago White Sox. He led the team to a second-place finish in his first season as manager. The following year, the White Sox won their first American League pennant since 1919. They went on to lose to the New York Yankees in the World Series. 

Lopez continued to manage the White Sox until 1965 and he also had a short spell during the 1968-1969 season. He ended his coaching career with a record of 840 – 650. That is pretty good.

There were many wonderful coaches who managed the White Sox in their rich history, but these three have the most games played and the best percentages and that is why they are on the list.

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