DM Kicks Review: New Nike PG 6 Shifts the Course of Paul George’s Signature Line

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Nike PG 6 review

The Nike PG line is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful signature lines from Nike. According to Baller Shoes DB, Paul George’s signature shoeline is ranked 4th (29 users) among the most dominant signature shoes during the 2021-22 NBA season. 

Moreover, in the same season, the Los Angeles Clippers superstar’s Nike PG 5 was ranked 3rd among the most number of users (17 users). This puts the PG 5 just behind Nike Kobe Protro 5 and Nike Kobe Protro 6 with 36 and 35 users, respectively. 

Now that the signature line is on its 6th installment, Nike decided to stir things a little bit by changing a crucial aspect in the signature line. The real question now is: will this actually work? 

To clear the air, Dribble Media prepared this in-depth Nike PG 6 performance review. Continue reading below!

Nike PG 6 review
The Nike PG 6’s upper is infused with mesh material.


The uppers may be the boon or bane of the Nike PG 6.

The Nike PG 6’s upper is infused with mesh material, which provides excellent comfort and overall stability. The thick yet soft upper material offers an adequate amount of support without compromising the pair’s flexibility. 

Indeed, the PG 6’s upper textile has better overall quality compared to its predecessors. However, one of the two major drawbacks of the upper is the ventilation, an issue that could be crucial for a lot of players.

While it promotes extra durability, the firmness of the uppers compromises the airflow and breathability of the Nike PG 6. The pair accumulates an excessive amount of heat compared to other newly-released sneakers such as the Nike KD 15.         

Due to the lack of ventilation, the PG 6 is not advisable for players whose feet sweat excessively while playing. Hence, such players may opt for sneakers with better airflow.  

Another flaw of the pair’s upper is its limitation when it comes to support. Undoubtedly, the upper material is durable and supportive. However, it is only applicable for a certain body build, as it could not cater to heavier players. They could encounter some issues that could lead to injuries. 

This Nike PG 6 performance review also evaluates how the shoe helps you with your specific basketball moves. Continue reading below!

Nike PG 6 review
The Nike PG 6's outsole is made of either solid rubber or translucent compound.


The Nike PG 6’s traction lives up to expectations.

As was mentioned in this Nike PG 5 performance review, the signature line must cease living in the shadow of other signature shoe lines. This was after Nike implemented the same traction pattern of the Nike Kobe 9 in the PG 5. 

Despite the success that the replication operation brought to the PG line, Nike still pulled out a good move by detaching the PG 6 from the Kobe 9’s coattail. Instead, the American brand revolutionized the former’s traction pattern.

The PG 6 now has traction patterns composed of omnidirectional, lunar-based, and circular pod treads. In addition, the pair’s outsole is made of either solid rubber or translucent compound depending on the colorway. 

Despite the major revamp, the Nike PG 6’s traction performs well in both hardwood and blacktop. The traction pattern allows the user to stop on a dime without any delays. Additionally, the aggressive traction does not only work on forward dashes, but in any direction.

The outsole is built without breakpoints, thus, omnidirectional movements are possible without worrying about the grip. Hence, players can do lateral movements, dash forward, run backward, accelerate, and decelerate with ease.

The only downside of the outsole is its durability. The compound is soft and pliable, hence, it could only serve for a shorter period if the user usually plays on blacktops. Therefore, hardwood is a much better choice when using the Nike PG 6. 

Otherwise, an EP version of the pair is also available if playing on rough court is imminent.

Nike PG 6 review
The Nike PG 6 switched to a React cushioning foam.


Nike switched to the React foam in the new Nike PG 6.

Hands down, the Zoom Air is one of, if not the best, cushion technology that Nike has developed. For the longest time, the Nike PG line has offered the Zoom Air technology. However, the latest Nike PG pair is infused with something different. 

From Zoom Air, the Nike PG 6 shifted to the Nike React foam. Undoubtedly, the older technology has been an asset to the success of the PG line. But for some reason, Nike decided to steer the wheel in a different direction. 

After all, this line is known for its inconsistencies when it comes to aesthetics and traction pattern. Probably, the sudden change in the cushion technology is just a part of such inconsistency. 

Nonetheless, the full-length Nike React foam implemented in the PG 6 is absolutely excellent. The foam is lightweight and very bouncy. The Nike PG 6 is a top-tier sneaker when it comes to overall impact protection and responsiveness. 

Nike PG 6 basketball performance

The midsole is extra soft thanks to the adequate amount of elasticity brought by the ETPU or plastic pieces and EVA components on the midsole. Additionally, the shank is top-loaded and provides enough stiffness for the PG 6’s overall stability. 

It is also worth noting that thanks to the pair’s lightness, it is easier and faster to get off the ground during vertical leaps. The stiffness of the top-loaded shank, in combination with the elastic Nike React foam, helps in this aspect. 

However, one major downside of the Nike PG 6 cushion is its longevity. Since the Nike React foam is an open cell, it is less dense compared to other foams, thus, it bottom outs faster especially if the player relies too much on jumping. 

Nonetheless, the pair guarantees exceptional impact protection and springy reaction. 

An important aspect of the pair is its court feel, which the Nike PG line is known for. Some players may have doubts about the capability of the pair’s court feel but fret not. Despite the major change, the Nike PG 6 still offers an excellent court feel. 

While it’s true that the PG 6 could feel a bit higher to the ground compared to other Nike PG pairs with Zoom Air, it still provides enough court feel without compromising its impact protection. Moreover, the Nike PG 6’s wide nature and shape offer an excellent overall balance and stability, whether in lateral containment or in other movements. 

In addition, the amount of padding on the tongue, ankle collar, internal TPU heel counter, and lace system provides an adequate amount of support and containment. These features help the pair achieve a good balance in guaranteeing the user’s protection.

Nike PG 6 review
The Nike PG 6 is a bit snug on the toe part.


The Nike PG 6 runs true to size for players with narrow to medium fit.

The toe part is a bit snug, which is common for Nike PG pairs. Nonetheless, players may opt to go true to size. But for those who have flat or wide feet, going up half or a full size is a better choice. 


The Nike PG 6 is superb pair. Nike revolutionized the PG line in a good way, and it is clear that the shoe line is heading in the right direction. Moreover, the traction performance and the impact protection brought by the Nike React foam are worth every penny. 

However, there are crucial aspects that the brand must address in the upcoming PG signature pairs, including ventilation, cushion longevity, durability, and flexibility of the pair.

The Nike PG 6 nets an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.


The Nike PG 6 is already available at selected Nike stores and other authorized retail stores for US$120. But considering this time of the year, discounted pairs are already available. 


The Nike PG 6 offers better impact protection than the Nike PG 5, especially when landing with the Nike React foam. However, when it comes to overall playability, the Nike PG 5 has a slight advantage. 

The PG 5’s advantage is due to other factors that players consider when choosing a pair, including ventilation, court feel, and longevity of the cushion technology.

Yes. The Nike PG 6 is designed with adequate amount of padding to lessen the chances of twisting the user’s ankle. 

Also, players with plantar issues may opt to play in PG 6 rather than other low-to-the-ground sneakers with better court feel. This is where the Nike React and the top-loaded shank work best. 

Since there is a lot of compression in the midsole, along with the arch support provided by the top-loaded shank, the Nike PG 6 provides more support and lessens the contact between the player’s feet and the court. 

Yes. The Nike PG 6 provides good court feel, adequate support, and an aggressive traction, all of which are vital for shifty players as they tend to move and change directions continuously. 

Hope you learned a lot from our Nike PG 6 performance review! Stay tuned for more basketball sneaker reviews.

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