DM Kicks Review: Durability Issues Aside, The Nike Kyrie 5 Low Exceeds Expectations

Kyrie 5 Low Review

Despite the cloud of uncertainty hovering over their partnership, Nike is still releasing new colorways and shoes under Kyrie Irving’s signature line. The question of whether the Brooklyn Nets star will sign a contract extension with Nike is still there, but as long as they keep on releasing great shoes like the most recent Kyrie Low 5, we don’t have any complaints.

The Nike Kyrie Low 5 has taken on some vibrant Summer colorways and even the classic “Bred” color scheme since its release last April 2022, and its performance on the court should not go unnoticed too. Continue reading our performance review of the Nike Kyrie 5 Low below to know why.

The Nike Kyrie 5 Low's minimal materials contributes to its high level of comfort.


The Nike Kyrie 5 Low’s upper is made of minimal materials that offer more comfort and breathability.

The signature aesthetic look of a Kyrie shoe is crystal clear in this shoe, but its looks are not the only good thing going on here. The Kyrie Low 5’s upper is similar to the more expensive Kyrie Infinity, except that the former holds an advantage in durability. Even though the upper is minimal and plastic-like, it doesn’t compromise its durability. The upper of the Kyrie Low 5 is surprisingly sturdy, especially if you consider that it is made of mesh. 

The materials are minimal, which allows for a higher level of comfort and breathability. Moreover, the cushioning setup is made of a Zoom Air unit on the forefoot and Phylon on the midsole. There is a good amount of padding on the heel, although the ankle area could have used more support.

We’ll talk more about the cushioning of the Kyrie Low 5 in the sections below.

Kyrie 5 Low review
The Nike Kyrie 5 Low boasts tremendous traction.


The Nike Kyrie 5 Low’s traction performance is its best asset.

For most players, the traction could be the best feature that the Nike Kyrie Low 5 can offer. Its outsole has the same regenerative pattern as seen in the Kyrie Infinity, but the grip is better in the Kyrie Low 5.

Even if you haven’t put a lot of break-in time on it, you’ll feel right away that it has a tremendous bite on any kind of court (yes, even on outdoor courts). However, the durability of the Kyrie Low 5 is not equally good, especially when you always use it outdoors.

But if you’re playing indoors or on clean courts, there’s no doubt that the Kyrie Low 5’s outsole will hold up longer. Plus, you’re getting top-tier traction, providing you with the grip and bite that you need.

Kyrie 5 Low review
The Nike Kyrie 5 Low offers a cushioning system made up of Phylon and Zoom Air.


A full-length Phylon and a Zoom Air unit boost the Nike Kyrie 5 Low’s cushioning setup.

As always the case in the Kyrie signature line, the Nike Kyrie Low 5 is another low-to-the-ground shoe that will give you an excellent court feel. Its cushioning setup is composed of a full-length Phylon on the midsole and a Zoom Air unit on the forefoot.  

You’ll also discover that they put more foam on the arch of the Kyrie Low 5, and this performs great when combined with the Zoom Air unit on the forefoot. Together, they help you stay balanced even if you land on one foot or when you find yourself in an awkward position.

However, keep in mind that the Kyrie Low 5 has a high arch, which could cause tension or pain for players who have arch problems. The Nike Kyrie Low 5 offers decent impact protection, but it’s nowhere near what the Kyrie Infinity cushioning setup provides, especially with the latter’s inclusion of a Zoom Strobel unit. 

The Kyrie Low 5 offers a mixed performance in terms of support and lockdown. The internal TPU helps in lateral containment, but its swooped ankle collar is a polarizing feature. A swooped ankle collar allows a wider circle of motion but it may not protect you that much when doing lateral movements or sudden pivots.

Fortunately, the Nike Kyrie Low 5 implemented the same excellent lockdown system on the Kyrie Infinity. This will help stabilize your foot when doing side-to-side movements. Still, the swooped ankle collar is something you should think about, particularly if you have had ankle problems in the past.

The Nike Kyrie 5 Low has a narrow or medium fit.


The Nike Kyrie 5 Low best suits players with narrow or medium feet.

One important thing you should remember is that the Nike Kyrie Low 5 is a bit inward in its structure, so this might not be good for players with wide feet. For players with narrow to medium feet, you might want to go true to size. But for wide-footed athletes, you would want to go up half a size when buying a Kyrie Low 5.


This latest low-top iteration of Kyrie Irving’s signature line is a great on-court performer, thanks to its excellent traction. The Nike Kyrie 5 Low’s outsole is up to par with the best basketball shoes out there, and what separates it from the rest is that it is equally great on any type of court.

Save for its iffy impact protection and lateral containment, the Kyrie 5 Low is a great go-to shoe when playing indoors and on clean courts. It still performs great on outdoor courts, but it may not be durable enough to last longer than you want to.

Everything considered, the Nike Kyrie 5 Low nets an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.


You can purchase the Nike Kyrie 5 Low at nearby Nike stores for a retail price tag of $110.


What is the Nike Kyrie 5 Low suitable for?

The Nike Kyrie 5 Low is suitable for shifty basketball players who want more responsiveness and court feel, especially when changing directions or accelerating and decelerating. However, the Kyrie 5 Low might not be suitable for heavier players because it doesn’t have enough impact protection.

Is the Nike Kyrie 5 Low cheaper than the Nike Kyrie Infinity?

Yes. The Nike Kyrie 5 Low sells for a suggested retail price of $110, which is cheaper than the $130 price tag of the Nike Kyrie Infinity.

Is the Nike Kyrie 5 Low better than the Nike Kyrie 4 Low?

Yes. The Nike Kyrie 5 Low is better than the Nike Kyrie 4 Low, especially in terms of cushioning setup. The Kyrie 5 Low’s full-length Phylon midsole and Zoom Air coverage on the forefoot perform better than the Cushlon midsole in the Kyrie 4 Low.

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