DM Kicks Review: Nike Kyrie Infinity is a Great Basketball Shoe After All

Tons of controversies surrounded the making of the Nike Kyrie Infinity, but as it turns out, it’s a great basketball shoe after all.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity is Kyrie Irving’s eighth signature shoe with Nike. (Photo/SBD)

Do you still remember when Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving referred to his then-upcoming eighth signature shoe with Nike as “trash”? Irving has since backtracked on that comment of his, and it’s for a good reason because the Nike Kyrie Infinity, also known as the Nike Kyrie 8, is actually a better-performing shoe than most people expected.

Coming off a tremendous work in the making of the Nike Kyrie 7 that was released back in 2020, the Swoosh brand was surely hard-pressed to do better in the pair’s next iteration. So did Nike indeed do better in this one? Definitely. Find out why through this detailed Nike Kyrie Infinity performance review.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity features a premium textile material on the forefoot. (Photo/SBD)


What immediately stands out in the Kyrie Infinity is its great aesthetic look. A signature Kyrie shoe is always known for pleasing aesthetics and loud dynamics, something that Irving himself wanted out of his own sneakers. But along with its stylistic looks, the Kyrie Infinity also packed an array of comfortable materials for its structure. If you’re curious as to how vibrant the aesthetics of a Kyrie shoe is, just take a look at these beautiful pairs below.

The forefoot of the Kyrie Infinity is made of textile material, which provides more flexibility and breathability. Synthetic leather covers the rear section of the shoe, as well as its tongue padding. While it’s true that the textile material on the upper could pose questions in terms of durability, Nike made up for it by integrating a Zoom Strobel unit on the forefoot to add more padding and make the shoe more durable. There’s also a Zoom Air unit on the heel, while the outsoles feature the XDR (extra-durable rubber) technology.

All-in-all, the Kyrie Infinity notched top marks in terms of materials.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity features an XDR outsole. (Photo/SBD)


The Nike Kyrie Infinity features an XDR outsole, which should make you happy if you’re looking for a durable basketball shoe. XDR outsoles are designed to help shoes last longer on outdoor courts, so the Kyrie Infinity is a perfect choice for ballers who are always playing outdoors. With the more durable rubber on the outsole, you don’t have to worry about wearing it off.

Even with the extra focus on the durability of the outsole, the Kyrie Infinity doesn’t compromise on its traction performance. Whether you’re playing on hardwood or painted concrete courts, the Kyrie Infinity will provide you with a reliable traction grip. Traction has always been the best asset of a Kyrie shoe, as it is specially designed for Irving’s quick and shifty style of play.

If you’re looking for a basketball shoe that will provide you with one of the best grips on both ends of the floor, the Nike Kyrie Infinity is definitely the way to go.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity puts on a phylon midsole. (Photo/SBD)


The Kyrie line has always been criticized for its weak cushioning system, primarily because its previous iterations were designed to accommodate a low-to-the-ground system without much focus on impact protection. But Nike gifted the Kyrie Infinity with a revamped cushioning system, arguably the best cushion that we saw out of all the Kyrie signature shoes.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity features the same phylon materials found on the midsole of the Kyrie 7. As we mentioned earlier, the shoe also puts on a Zoom Strobel unit on the forefoot, which offers more bounce and responsiveness. Moreover, the Zoom Air unit on the heel portion gives the Kyrie Infinity a full-length cushioning setup. It provides excellent support for your ankle and negates some of the issues that the Kyrie line has had in its cushioning system.

This may be the first time that a Kyrie signature shoe performed well enough in its cushioning system, so that’s another positive mark for the Nike Kyrie Infinity.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity is a bit wide on the forefoot. (Photo/SBD)


The Nike Kyrie Infinity is a bit wide on the forefoot, so that’s something that you need to consider when you’re picking a size for your new Kyrie shoes. But even if it’s wide on the forefoot, you can be assured that your feet are secured when you lace them up. As you can see, there are lockdown wings on the eyelets of the Kyrie Infinity. These lockdown wings provide a more intensive lacing security.


The Nike Kyrie Infinity still applies the low-to-the-ground system that almost all Kyrie shoes are known for. It is still a guard-oriented shoe that is designed for basketball players who love shifty movements and quick changes in direction and pace. But the Kyrie Infinity also packs a competitive cushioning system, something that its predecessors did not have. Of course, that’s not to say that its cushioning system is at par with the Nike LeBron line. But considering that this is a low-to-the-ground shoe, its cushioning system is better than what we expected.

For all of its positive assets, the Nike Kyrie Infinity nets an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5, making it one of the best basketball shoes as of late.


You can buy the Nike Kyrie Infinity at your nearest Nike outlets for a retail price tag of $140.

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