Nike GT Cut 3 Review: A Mixed Bag of Good and Bad

Dive into our Nike GT Cut 3 Review to find out what the Swoosh is cooking, and if it’s worth the hefty price tag. 

nike gt cut 3 review

The Nike GT Cut 3 was released in 2023 as the third iteration to the “Greater Than” series. Considered as Nike’s luxury basketball shoe, the GT Cut 3 offers an intriguing midsole setup that’s unique in the basketball sneaker industry. 

Along with the more expensive GT Cut,  Nike also rolls out other more affordable options like the GT Cut Academy, GT Hustle, and GT Jump. The former definitely stands out among the pack, as you’ll find out in this Nike GT Cut 3 review. 

How can this Nike GT Cut 3 review help you?

Even with a very expensive shoe like the GT Cut 3, it’s not automatically the best fit for every player. Some hoopers want a highly-responsive shoe, while others need a heavily-cushioned pair. 

Choosing the right basketball sneaker depends on numerous aspects, including playing style and position, fit, and the type of court surface you’ll be playing in. To help you decide if this is the best fit for you, we’ll factor all these denominators in our Nike GT Cut 3 review.

Nike GT Cut 3 Features

The GT Cut 3 is the first basketball shoe to incorporate the ZoomX foam, which was a game-changer in running shoes. We’ll discuss the effectiveness of the ZoomX in this pair, along with many other features, in this Nike GT Cut 3 review. 

Design and aesthetics

In terms of mere aesthetics, the GT Cut 3 is a nice balance between the old and the new. It’s not too narrow nor too bulky, just a low-cut (sort of) pair that looks like a true basketball shoe from the outside. 

The Nike GT Cut 3 sits somewhere between being a low-cut and mid-cut shoe. It’s quite a low-to-the-ground shoe, but the supportive coverage for the ankle area elevates its vertical length, to make more sense.

As for the color combinations, the GT Cut 3 debuted in the “White/Picante Red” version and the “Vapor Green” version. Nike also released another color combination of white, metallic silver, sail, and midnight navy during the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. This particular colorway is said to be inspired by the classic Air Zoom Flight 5, which was a favorite by the retired Hall of Famer point guard Jason Kidd. 

Here is a list of the currently released colorways of the Nike GT Cut 3:

  • Nike GT Cut 3 “White/Picante Red”
  • Nike GT Cut 3 “Vapor Green”
  • Nike GT Cut 3 “All-Star” (Air Zoom Flight 5)
  • Nike GT Cut 3 “Be True To Her School”
  • Nike GT Cut 3 “Miami Hurricanes”

We’ll update this list as new colorways are set to be released in 2024.

Material quality

In terms of durability, you won’t have a lot of problems with the Nike GT Cut 3. Its uppers are thick and padded, and even its translucent outsole doesn’t degrade easily. You don’t have to worry about overusing the GT Cut 3, whether you’re playing on an indoor or outdoor court.

The uppers of the GT Cut 3 is made of synthetic material, particularly on the tongue up to the forefoot area. On the sides, there are stitching overlays to add a bit of stability and containment.

Another glaring feature of the Nike GT Cut 3 is the visible holes on the tongue and forefoot sections. When you see these holes on the uppers of a basketball shoe, the typical thought process is to provide more breathability. However, the GT Cut 3 still doesn’t offer a substantial amount of ventilation, so that’s one factor to consider as well.

The shoe is also brimming with tons of padding on the tongue and ankle collar portions. The heavy padding provides more comfort and stability, which is particularly beneficial for hoopers with ankle issues. 

Nike could have added more premium feel to the GT Cut 3, but its high level of durability is a positive deciding factor for players who are planning to shell out big bucks for this shoe.  

nike gt cut 3 review

Traction performance on different surfaces

Next up in our Nike GT Cut 3 review is its traction performance, which is as versatile as you want it. If you’re playing on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, this shoe is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

The outsole of the GT Cut 3 is made of translucent rubber that’s characterized by a herringbone pattern. Dust build-up is not worrisome in the GT Cut 3. There are wide intervals between the outsole grooves, which gives you an amazing grip even if you’re hooping on a dusty court. 

Among recently released basketball shoes like the adidas AE 1, the GT Cut 3 is arguably the best traction performer on outdoor courts. Its traction reaches optimum performance on indoor courts, but it still offers tremendous bite on asphalt or cement surfaces. 

If you’re looking for a basketball shoe that will give you top-tier traction on all kinds of playing courts, the Nike GT Cut 3 might be your best option.

Cushion and support

Hoop fans have been clamoring for a Nike GT Cut 3 review mainly because of one thing: the injection of the ZoomX foam into a basketball shoe. 

The ZoomX has been a game-changer in the running shoe collection, most notably known for maximizing speed in the Nike Vaporfly line. It is lightweight, very soft, and ultra responsive. In its first foray to the basketball niche, it didn’t disappoint on those three aspects.

As expected, the ZoomX foam in the GT Cut 3 is very squishy and soft, providing you with a high level of bouncability. That extra springback is beneficial for vertically-athletic players, particularly in second jumps for a defensive play or an offensive rebound.

With the choice to go for the soft and lightweight ZoomX, Nike set up the GT Cut 3 as a bouncy and responsive shoe. On the flip side, it didn’t account so much for impact protection, especially compared to heavily-cushioned pairs like the Nike LeBrons. If you’re a big man who is a bit on the hefty side, the GT Cut 3 may not cut it for you.

The support feature of the GT Cut 3 is a bit of a mixed bag as well. The responsive nature of the shoe will give you an excellent boost on forward burst movements, but the side-to-side containment is another story. The light midsole setup makes the shoe unstable on lateral movements, especially if you’re already struggling with balance issues in the past.

nike gt cut 3 review

Comfort and fit

The step-in comfort in the GT Cut 3 is tremendous. The uppers are padded throughout, from the Achilles up to the forefoot area, which makes for a comfortable and flexible fit. 

The fit in the Nike GT Cut 3 can be a bit tight at first, but the materials sort of expand as you break it in. Since the materials are heavily-padded, you’ll feel that they’re stretching out as you use it. 

For most people, the GT Cut 3 is a true-to-size fit. The toebox becomes roomier upon breaking it in, so that’s one thing to consider as well. As for people with wide feet, it’s recommended that you go half a size up.

How does the Nike GT Cut 3 perform on the basketball court?

As we have mentioned multiple times in this Nike GT Cut 3 review, this shoe is made for quick guards and high jumpers. The springback and responsiveness are top-tier, and the light ZoomX midsole feels like you’re running without any weight on your feet.

Is the Nike GT Cut 3 good for quick and shifty guards?

The Nike GT Cut 3 is perfect for players who love to go on straight-line drives and coast-to-coast fastbreak buckets. As for shifty moves like quick changes in directions, the GT Cut 3 could be a tricky shoe to balance. The soft ZoomX midsole doesn’t offer a lot of stability on side-to-side movements 

Does the Nike GT Cut 3 offer good impact protection for bigger players?

The Nike GT Cut 3 is not the best shoe for bigger players who need maximum impact protection. This shoe prioritizes responsiveness, energy return, and traction, which is a setup that compromises a bit on heavy landings.

Nike GT Cut 3 Buying Guide

Upon reading our Nike GT Cut 3 review and you feel that it’s suited to your play style, you can cop the shoe for a retail price tag of USD190. It is indeed a luxurious price tag, so make sure that you fit the shoe in-store before purchasing it. 

Moreover, you could also find the Nike GT Cut 3 on sale through your trusted resellers, which we listed below for your reference.

Where to purchase Nike GT Cut 3

You can purchase the Nike GT Cut 3 for USD190 at your local and online Nike stores. You can also get this basketball shoe through trusted resellers, as you can see below:

  • Nike GT Cut 3 StockX: $179
  • Nike GT Cut 3 Foot Locker (GS): $95 
  • Nike GT Cut 3 GOAT: $132

Overall Rating

The Nike GT Cut 3 is a one-of-a-kind basketball shoe that suits specific players and particular play styles. It packs very durable materials and a top-tier outsole that performs great on almost every surface. 

However, the lack of impact protection and lateral stability could be a major deal breaker for many hoopers. With such a hefty price, you’d expect that the GT Cut 3 will cover every base, something that didn’t happen at all.

Overall, the GT Cut 3 is a special shoe if you have the right play style and fit for it.

The Nike GT Cut 3 nets an overall rating of 8.8 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Nike GT Cut 3 is not that snug in the toebox, but it’s still recommended to go half a size up for wide-footed players. Before purchasing, try its fit in-store to make sure that it can accommodate your type of feet.

While it performs best on clean, indoor courts, the Nike GT Cut 3 is also a good performer on outdoor courts. The wide grooves offer more than adequate traction, and the rubber outsole is durable enough to endure an outdoor surface.

Yes, the Nike GT Cut 3 goes true-to-size for most fits. If you have wide feet, you might want to go half a size up in this shoe.

We hope that this Nike GT Cut 3 review helped you in your purchase decision. Stand by for more sneaker reviews in the future!

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