Adidas Dame 7 Performance Review

The Adidas Dame 7 will also be good for wide-footed players. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker News)

The Adidas Dame 7 will also be good for wide-footed players. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker News)


While its boxy forefoot might be a bit of a drawback due to its lack of foams, the pair is actually good for wide-footed athletes. Wide footers can go true to size since the toe part is wide, while narrow footers could go down half a size for better snug and hold.


The Adidas Dame 7 will surely go down as one of the best pairs from the Blazers star’s shoe line. Adidas gave a basic textile a special vibe in this pair, and even though most colorways are usually dominated with only one color, the schemes used are very attractive and dope.

Specifically, the “Ima Visionary” colorway serves a good on-court and off-court appeal, and the left and right pairs’ color scheme are different from one another. In addition, the implementation of materials is thoroughly prepared, which makes the pair very appealing.

A basketball pair must not only look good. It must also perform smoothly. The strength of this pair is most probably its cushion system. The implementation of such a high-level system is really the trend for signature shoes. Having a versatile cushion system preserves athletes from getting too much stress on their lower body, and helping them prevent having injuries.

Another thing that sneaker fans should take note of is that despite the pair’s superb cushion system and aesthetics, it sits at US$110, which is still more affordable compared to other signature shoes. The price was due to the reason the pair is made of mesh and does not come with any premium materials.

The Adidas Dame 7 nets an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. Despite its excellent cushion system, Adidas still has to work with a firmer forefoot. Also, the little crater-like pattern in the outsoles is still vague for some.


The new Adidas Dame 7 is available at select Adidas stores selected Adidas storeswith a US$110 price tag.

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