DM Kicks: Is Copping a Below Market Value Air Jordan 1 Low Possible?

Air Jordan 1 Low (Photo courtesy of Sneaker Freaker)

The infamous Air Jordan 1 Low is currently on a roll in the sneaker market. With its timeless style and cool silhouettes, the Jordan 1 Low is definitely a must cop. On top of that, its retail price usually ranges from US$90 to US$100, making it one of the most affordable Jordan kicks in the market — well, supposedly. 

Due to its increasing popularity and above-the-ceiling demand, pairs are usually getting sold out in a heartbeat. The result is this — a supposedly affordable sneaker turns out to be a gold mine for resellers as prices skyrocket over time. 

Well, for starters, it will always be a part of the so-called shoe game. Fortunately, DM Kicks had a chance to cop a highly-sought silhouette in deadstock condition not only for below market value, but even below its retail price, which you can watch via our YouTube channel. 

Is copping a below market value Air Jordan 1 Low possible? Definitely! DM Kicks even got a pair for a below retail price. However, this opportunity might only come once in a blue moon and may take a lot of patience to seal a deal. 

Moreover, a lot of resellers, especially online, give prices which are too good to be true. So buyers must always be vigilant with the sellers’ and the pairs’ legitimacy. 

We also took the time to list down some online sneaker stores and apps that are currently rolling out Jordan 1 Low pairs. Check it out below! 


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