Nike KD 14 Performance Review

After a successful release of the Nike KD 13, Nike released the Nike KD 14, Kevin Durant’s 14th signature pair under his main shoe line.

Will this new-look KD pair supersede the performance of its predecessors? To find out the answer, check out Dribble Media’s Nike KD 14 Performance Review.

The Nike KD 14 banners the return of the strap on the KD series. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker Bar Detroit)

The Brooklyn Nets eyes a deep playoff run this year. Durant, along with fellow superstars Kyrie Irving and James Harden, will lead the way. Durant has been battling a series of injuries the past couple of seasons but the two-time champion’s impact and production are still off-the-charts.

The Nets expect to come out on top of the East this season and win it all. Well, we just have to wait and see if KD will take home his third championship while wearing his newest signature pair, the Nike KD 14.


The Nike KD 14 is implemented with four-layered uppers. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker Bar Detroit)


Compared to the Nike KD 13 which featured soft and breathable nylon-like uppers, the Nike KD 14 basically made a huge leap quality-wise. In my opinion, the pair looked more premium with the implementation of the thick screen mesh-like uppers. This basically should be one of the elements of any signature shoe. 

Imagine a shoe that is named after a famous sports icon is infused with cheap and lackluster materials. Well, it is not very appropriate considering the millions of dollars of revenues these icons are bringing to the shoe company. I am talking in a general perspective, not only with Nike.

Going back to the Nike KD 14, the uppers are surprisingly comfortable and soft when worn, given their thick features. However, just like in any other pairs with thick cloth-like uppers, ventilation could be a bit of an issue.

Nonetheless, given the comfort it brings, the upper materials won’t be much of an issue overall.

To add more fuel to the fire, do take note that Nike has implemented four-layered textiles on the Nike KD 14’s upper. The first is the shell layer followed by the white structure. The third one is the lightweight aspect made of TPU beneath the topmost mesh which is the design aspect.

The four-layered uppers harness the aesthetics, overall performance, and durability of the pair. However, the patterns and designs infused on the uppers of the pair are kind of weird, yet stylish. I honestly find it interesting and there are still a lot of colorways to look forward to.  


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