Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts” Releases Soon

Concepts, a Boston-based retailer, will once again collaborate with Nike to create a new Egyptian-themed Kyrie pair called the Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts”.

Nike and Concepts will collaborate once more to release the Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts”. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker Bar Detroit)

Nike and Concepts will collaborate once more to release the Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts”. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker Bar Detroit)

The Nike Kyrie series never runs out of superb and mouth-watering colorways. And just after a successful Nike Kyrie 6 “Concepts” release last 2020, the heat of the Egyptian-themed design will carry over to Kyrie Irving’s latest signature pair.

The Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts” will be featured in Teal Blue, Light Blue, Metallic Gold, and Orange color schemes. The uppers are infused with teal blue mesh materials atop orange midsoles and darker shade outsoles. The Concepts logo will be on the right pair, and the Kyrie logo on the left pair. The Swoosh and an Egyptian-themed emblem are emphasized in a metallic gold scheme.

The designs are then finished with the word “Concepts” on the heel part of both pairs, and Egyptian symbols implemented on the TPU flaps on the forefoot of the pair.

Nike has yet to announce the official release date of the Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts” but it will soon be available for US$130 at selected Nike stores.

This colorway is definitely a must-cop, but to help you decide better, we have written an in-depth performance review of the Nike Kyrie 7.

Here are more detailed angles of the upcoming Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts”.

Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-4-1068x724.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-1.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-2.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-3.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-5.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-6.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-7.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-8.jpg Concepts-Nike-Kyrie-7-CT1137-900-Release-Date-9.jpg

The Nike Kyrie 7 “Concepts” is set for US$130. (Photos courtesy of Sneaker Bar Detroit)

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