Air Jordan 1 Low OG Review

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG is definitely a must-cop. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker Bar Detroit)


Personally, I prefer to rock the remastered Air Jordan 1 Low than the OG. Considering the overall appearance, the remastered version is easier to match, and its shape is more pleasing to the eyes, at least in my opinion.  

However, it won’t change the fact that the OG pair will always have a rightful place in the shoe racks of every sneakerhead. OG sneakers are not only shoes that protect your feet, but they are also vital pieces that reflect the rich history of sneakers.

In general, the materials are good. The implementation of leather is definitely amazing and the cushion setup may not be the most comfortable, but it still carries the identity of the Air Jordan 1.

But it’s expected that some sneaker enthusiasts will become half-hearted in copping a pair because of its overall performance. The main problem of the pair is its instability and stiffness.

Granted that the Air Jordan 1 is not really known for having a very responsive cushion set up, as I’ve said in my previous statement, the main issue relies on how the pair was actually built. With the curves of the pair on the forefoot, the then stiff pair became more unstable.

Also, there is almost no flat portion in the outsole. When worn, it gives the impression that the outsoles are caved in and there are some weird curves that make the feet feel warped and wobbly. This greatly affects the pair’s stability and comfort.  

In addition, the supposedly strong reinforcement for additional comfort expected from the insole cannot really be felt. The ortholite insole is not bouncy enough to provide the cushion expected from the pair.

Nonetheless, the Air Jordan 1 Low OG will remain as a must-cop pair for this year. Maybe it’s not an everyday shoe for every enthusiast, but it will always be a new piece in their collection. Besides, there is no way that an OG release will not make the cut on the list of every sneakerhead.

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