Curry 8 Flow Performance Review

The Curry 8 Flow will banner a new cushion technology. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker News)

The Curry 8 Flow will banner a new cushion technology. (Photo courtesy of Sneaker News)


The Curry line has been known for having a stiff cushion. Even with the combination of Under Armour’s best cushion technology, the HOVR and Micro G in the Curry 7, the stiffness was still present. This is not because the cushion technology flopped, but it is just that Curry prefers stiff and low-to-the-ground cushion technology.

However, Curry’s latest signature pair will be a bit different compared to the previous releases. The Curry 8 Flow is infused with Under Armour’s newest technology, the Flow. The Flow technology of the pair is responsive. Though it is early to say that this is on par, it is still comparable with Nike’s React cushion and Adidas’ Boost technology.

The cushion is soft, but not as cushion-heavy as the Nike LeBron 18. It is low to the ground for a better court feel and has competitive impact protection to keep your feet and knees guarded against forceful landing.

The support of the pair is not lacking either. The pair has good ventilation due to the soft and durable knit uppers which makes the shoes very comfortable and reduces tension from the feet. The base is very stable due to the Flow cushion and the additional Achilles foams.

The lateral stability is firm and consistent, though some users might experience some slides and movements of the foot inside the shoes. The midsoles and synthetic materials provide excellent lateral containment, so lateral movements, and sudden stops will not be an issue.


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