NBA Players with Most Career Playoff Games Without a Championship

Reggie Miller (Photo via IndyStar)

5. Reggie Miller – 144 games

Kids, he was the king of threes in the 90s. Miller was the superstar of the Indiana Pacers for a decade. If you ever see the team’s logo, the first player you think of is him. A prolific scorer and one of the best clutch performers in history, his moniker is widely known as “Miller Time”.

Reggie perhaps introduced how important the three-point area to be an advantage on offense. He is currently positioned as the third all-time in three-pointers made in the NBA. Miller is a Hall of Famer, All-Star, but most importantly, a long-range shooting icon.

4. Kyle Korver – 145 games

Another all-time great shooter, Korver is such a dangerous catch and shoot gunner. Still playing today, he has been balling out since 2003. “The Hot Sauce” monicker is the embodiment of the heat check plays. That’s when you know he is “on” when he drains those threes continuously.

With his pure shooting form, some might say that he is an all-time Top 5 shooter in NBA history.

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