Adidas D Rose 11 Performance Review

Adidas implemented the new Lightstrike midsole to the Adidas D Rose 11. (Photo courtesy of Adidas)

Adidas implemented the new Lightstrike midsole to the Adidas D Rose 11. (Photo courtesy of Adidas)


After fans got robbed of Rose’s prime years due to his injuries, Adidas continues to make some huge leaps with the cushion and support of his latest basketball pair.

Just like the recently-released Adidas Dame 7, the Adidas D Rose 11 is implemented with the new Lightstrike midsole. The Lightstrike technology is a combination of lightweight materials and superb cushion tech for major comfort and bounce.

In comparison with the Dame 7, Adidas D Rose 10which was tooled with Bounce cushion tech, the latest D Rose pair is lighter and has a better overall cushion considering that the Lightstrike technology is almost on par with the Boost tech in terms of cushion. But for players who prefer more responsiveness, Adidas D Rose 10 offered more than the 11s.

One highlight of the pair is the innovated sprint frame. This is a TPU piece starting from the heel counter up to the flex point to cradle the foot. When it was introduced in the Adidas D Rose 2, a part of the TPU unit pinches the foot which caused an uncomfortable experience for the users and requires a lot of break-in to suit up.

In this edition, the TPU piece no longer pinches the foot, giving more comfort to the user. The heel counter of the pair is perfectly designed for speed shifts, ankle support, and weight bearing. It also feels natural to the feet and ensures that the foot will not slide on the foot bed, making the pair very stable and secured.


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