DM Kicks: Joel Embiid’s Forgotten Signature Shoe Line

Will we ever witness the release of the Under Armour Embiid 2 Shoes? Or did UA abandon the signature shoe line of Joel Embiid?

2024 Update: Basketball fans won’t be able to see the launch of the Under Armour Embiid 2 shoes. Philadelphia 76ers superstar center Joel Embiid has officially ended his partnership with Under Armour. His five-year contract with the said brand ended in 2023, paving the way for him to sign with the famous shoe brand Sketchers. As of writing, Embiid and Sketchers have yet to launch their much-awaited signature shoe.

embiid 2 shoes
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Sneaker deals are a common part of NBA players’ stardom and career. In fact, even rookies could ink lucrative deals before officially stepping on the hardcourt for their first NBA game. 

These deals usually include various packages depending on the players’ status in the league. Along with a multi-million dollar paycheck, some deals may include certain royalties and perks that players may enjoy such as merchandise privileges or even the usage of brands’ private planes. 

But among these sweet privileges, having a signature shoe line is probably the sweetest. Unfortunately, this deal is only reserved for the chosen few that brands could see as their biggest assets and flag bearers.

Moreover, players with a signature shoe line receive royal treatment from their respective brands. With the enormous revenue these players bring in, such extravagant royalties are a small price for the sneaker companies.

Did Under Armour Fumble the Embiid 2 Shoes?

Unfortunately, even if these chosen players are enjoying such privileges and status, some may find their hopes of immortalizing their name in the sneaker world turn into dust.

And yes, even superstars may not be liberated from this fact. Regrettably, for the newly crowned NBA Most Valuable Player Joel Embiid, he is one of the few stars whose signature shoe line started to dim.  

The Sixers superstar is undoubtedly one of the most decorated big men in the league today. Prior to his first MVP award, Embiid already had six All-Star appearances and two scoring titles, to name a few, in his resume. 

Moreover, the 29-year-old Cameroon big man is, indeed, one of the most exciting players to watch. Embiid is getting tons of attention from the basketball community with his on-and-off-the-court antics and charisma. But his fans are still asking the same question: where are the Embiid 2 shoes?

Despite the stardom and spotlight, it seems that the reigning MVP’s dominance could not be translated to his signature shoe line.  Why aren’t we seeing the potential release of the Embiid 2 shoes?

How did the Under Armour Embiid line perform?

The former Kansas Jayhawk signed with the American brand, Under Armour, in 2018, joining Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. It was then followed by a four-year US$196 million extension in August 2021. 

More importantly, the partnership between Embiid and Under Armour resulted in a signature shoe line in 2020. Hence, the birth of the Under Armour Embiid 1

The Embiid 1 was surprisingly built to be flexible enough to cater to any player regardless of the position played. However, despite the innovations the Embiid 1 offers, it seems like the shoe line is not immune to the marketability curse of big men’s shoes.

It has been three years since the first iteration of the Under Armour Embiid line. Up to this point, there is still no news or even rumors about a potential release of the Embiid 2 shoes.  

The six-time All-Star’s name is undeniably astounding worldwide, which is why it is quite surprising that the Under Armour Embiid line is pretty much under the radar. 

While there could be all sorts of factors to consider, such as performance, consumers’ preference, and lack of promotion, to name a few, things may fall apart when marketability and profitability are the constant issues.

Unfortunately for the Under Armour Embiid line, there are gigantic obstacles that the brand must overcome. And if not successful, we may never witness the arrival of the Embiid 2 shoes.

Is there still hope for the Embiid signature sneaker line?      

Still, it is not far-fetched that the Embiid 2 shoes will be released soon, considering that the superstar big man just signed an extension with the brand not long ago. There are also the recent achievements of Embiid, and a possible successful postseason campaign. If the stars align, Under Armour may start working on this sneaker line again.

Aside from the Under Armour Embiid line, which signature lines are starting to fade?     

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